New! IMPORTANT: How to Open a Case on Customer Service Central

As of June 9, 2013, the Partner Relationship team, which supported the site, no longer supports the creation of new cases for Partner Programs & Partner Tool Support. We now have a single location for our partners to submit and track interactions for products, services & partner programs support via our Customer Service Central portal.

Please create new cases via Customer Service Central on your my Cisco Workspace (MCW).

To get started using Customer Service Central, you will need

  • A User ID. If you do not have one, you can create a new account here.
  • Click the link to add the Customer Service Central module to your MCW page.

Any cases opened via the PRT Portal prior to June 9, 2013 can still be accessed on the PRT Portal.

The “Open a Case” instructions can be found on the Cisco secured site under the Tools Tab under Partner Program Support (PPS) as follows:

For more information and user guides, please visit the Customer Service Central space on Operations Exchange.

Partners should only use Customer Service Central for the creation of cases and inquiries regarding issues and tool support. The Partner Relationship Team, as well as, the various Learning Partner aliases will no longer be supported.

For any questions regarding the LPA requirements, contact your CLD or Learning Partner Channel Manager. You can also create a case at Customer Service Central