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Secured Partner Resources

Cisco Authorized Learning Partners may access and download templates, program documents, and other program, delivery, marketing, and pricing tools and resources through the appropriate password protected resource page. Follow this link


Welcome to the Fast Lane Partner Program

Working Together & Winning Together

Congratulations on becoming a Cisco Learning Partner Associate with Fast Lane Institute for Knowledge Transfer (CLD). As a Cisco Learning Partner certain policies and procedures as outlined below must be followed. Your status as a Learning Partner will be compromised if you do not strictly adhere to them. Cisco conducts audits on a regular basis to ensure Fast Lane’s compliance and in addition monitors all Partner activities.

First Steps
Register your MTM account: 

Download the Cisco authorized Logo for your Marketing Collaterals:

Update your LPMS with your Staff

Upload your training offerings on the Cisco Learning Locator

Subscribe to the Learning Partner Newsletter

Program Requirements

  1. Partner must monitor staffing requirements as per CLPA Category
  2. Partner minimum delivery requirement is 80 students
  3. Partner will maintain accurate contact information in LPMS
  4. Partner will promote training offerings using the Cisco Learning Locator via the LPMS tool
  5. Partner must comply with Program Requirements including the correct reference of the Partner status on all websites and marketing materials
  6. Partner must use Metrics that Matter customer evaluation tool

Certification Procedures for Instructors

  1. Cisco ICP Exam (Instructor Certification Program) to be completed and passed to deliver ICND1 and ICND2 only.
  2. In order for Instructor to teach additional Cisco classes he/she must attend the official Cisco course as well as pass the corresponding VUE exam
  3. Cisco Learning Partner Administrator to upload information for additional Instructor Certifications via the Cisco Learning Partner Management System (LPMS).

Ordering of Student kits

  1. Partner to complete ‘Kit Order Form’ (in full) and submit by email to order contact in Fast Lane
  2. Partner may only order student kits in line with their Instructor’s certifications as listed in the Cisco Learning Partner Management System
  3. Fast Lane will issue invoice which is payable according to payment terms agreed
  4. Lead-time for Cisco orders is 7-10 working days (subject to European/US Holidays). Kits are non-refundable/returnable
  5. All shipping fees and local customs duty are the entire responsibility of the Partner

Conducting of Cisco Classes

  1. Instructor to ensure all students attending sign in on the Cisco Attendance Form on the first training day. All students to clearly print their name in black ink
  2. Partner is responsible to ensure that students complete Online MTM Evaluation in order to receive Cisco Certificate of Completion.
  3. Partner to ensure current student Cisco Online Evaluation procedure is implemented.

Standard Forms
All Forms mentioned can be downloaded here and are available on request via

Course Evaluations
Once your MTM online application is processed you will receive further details directly from KnowledgeAdvisors. The following bullet points are a brief help list. A full MTM User Guide is available online:

  • Add your classes with the start of each class. Classes cannot be deleted should your schedule change.
  • Ensure the start and end date is correct.
  • Ensure the class name and version is correct.
  • Ensure number of kits ordered matches the number of evaluations entered.
  • Evaluations should be submitted on the last day of the class. The system is only set up to list the class for submission of evaluations on the last day.
  • Upon completion of Evaluation softcopy of the Cisco Certificate of Completion can be sent by the Partner MTM Admin.

Cisco Logo & Branding Guidelines
All Learning Partners have access to the “Associate” logo via the secured Learning Partner website, which you may now begin using. Likewise, approved Specialized Learning Partners may begin using the “Specialized” logo which is available in the Specialized Learning Partner secured websites.

The Logo files and associated brand guidelines for their appropriate use can be found on the secured Learning Partner websites: “Marketing” tab > Branding Material   
Please begin using your associated program logo for the creation of any new assets and website updates.

It is important to keep those two systems up to date at all times to ensure your compliance with the Program. If you have any problems please contact  We have guidelines and resources available to help you