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Derivative Works

The Worldwide Learning Partner Channels Derivative Works Program allows CLDs and CLPs to modify Cisco course content or other Cisco materials. CLDs are required to submit their own derivative works to Cisco for approval, as well as those which are developed by their indirect partners. CLDs must report the percentage of Cisco intellectual property included in the resulting product. Each derivative work is then subject to royalty payments to Cisco.

Any new or existing learning partner, or CLD, that has developed courses (ILT, e-learning and labs) and other self-paced learning products (workbooks, CDs, DVDs, etc.) containing Cisco technology or Cisco intellectual property must have each product separately approved as a derivative work. Partners and CLDs must then pay royalties on each derivative work as indicated on the CLSP Website.
Partners and CLDs must obtain Cisco approval for all derivative works. In the request process, Cisco assigns an authorization code, previously called DW IDs, which is then used by the partner/CLD to post the course on the Global Learning Partner Locator and to report royalties.

A full description of the derivative works approval process, as well as the guidelines for this program, is posted on the Learning Partner Program website.


Please find here the Derivative Works Request Form.