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Secured Partner Resources

Cisco Authorized Learning Partners may access and download templates, program documents, and other program, delivery, marketing, and pricing tools and resources through the appropriate password protected resource page. Follow this link




Train the Trainer Recordings Moving to the CCSI Forum

Effective May 1, 2013, TTT recordings will be freely available to all active CCSI’s on the CCSI Forum. In an ongoing effort to improve service to our Learning Partners and Instructors, Cisco will be changing how Train the Trainer (TTT) recordings are accessed. Effective May 1, 2013, TTT recordings will be freely available to all active CCSI’s on the CCSI Forum.


Learning Partner & CCSI Expectations

Please read through the Cisco Non-Authorized Training Policy FAQ



(Attention: Certified Cisco Systems Instructors)

Questions about membership, certifications, or need assistance during a class? We're here to help. The CCSI Forum’s High-Priority and Standard Support Options page provides instructions on how to access our FAQ, phone and online support options no matter how urgent.

Leverage the CCSI Forum private community for active CCSIs to start discussions with peers and Cisco WWLPC and Learning@Cisco members. Registration for the CCSI Forum can be found at the Team Wiki Spaces webpage.

CCSI Forum’s High Priority and Standard Support Options page

CCSI Forum

Team Wiki Spaces

For questions, please contact


Existing CCSIs

CCSI Membership

Please follow below link to find out more on how to buy your CCSI membership. CCSI membership


Any course beyond CCNA

Once you pass the ICP you will be certified to teach CCNA curriculum. For any course beyond that you will have to pass the corresponding requirements which is typically a sit in and exam.


Lab Preparation Time

If you are a Fast Lane CCSI or a CCSI of one of the Fast Lane Partners you can request lab preparation time via


Integral 7 Database for Instructors

Verify for what you are certified and combine multiple IDs


Attend & Register for Instructor TTTs

Have a Train-The-Trainer (TTT) event you are interested in? No problem, just follow these steps to attend.

  1. Be an Active CCSI. Obviously you cannot attend an event if you are not a CCSI in good standing.
  2. Meet the prerequisites. Each TTT event listed in the forum or within our biweekly newsletter has a section for “Instructor Requirements”. This section lists certifications, and exams that are required for attendance.
  3. Contact your Learning Partner System Administrator. Your Learning Partner System Administrator will be registering you for the event.

To register for Live or On-Demand TTTs (On-Demand is made available after the virtual TTT) the Learning Partner System Administrator should follow this URL and options to enroll CCSI:  -> Instructor -> TTT Enrollment.
If you still need more information or have questions, please contact


New on the CCSI Forum
New Products
(This indicates addition of kits to the Gilmore Learning Store) View Here
EOL (End-of-Life) Products (This indicates removal of kits from the Gilmore Learning Store) View Here


Instructor Certificates

Any class scheduled for Cisco and Cisco Derivative official content automatically receives the Metrics That Matter Certified Survey. Upon successful completion of the training and the survey using the Cisco PES 2012 Form, students are awarded a Cisco Certificate of Completion. This certificate is used worldwide for all students and is intended to reward each student for completing the training.
Each certificate is populated with the Students First and Last Name, Course Name, Class End Date, Partner Name, Instructor Name and Certificate Tracking Number.

Why is a Certificate Important?

A certificate of completion demonstrates a commitment to their profession. The certificate offers proof of completion for each class, and shows that student is ready to implement the new skills they have learned. In the field it provides a competitive advantage when seeking promotion or during a job search.
As an instructor each survey and certificate shows your commitment to excellence as an instructor and is evidence that you are qualified to teach the class. Clearly each of these surveys impacts the Learning Partner as well. Improving performance scores distinguishes each Partner’s commitment to providing quality training, and can improve business by showing the student that they are associating with a provider committed to providing the very best instruction.
We encourage you to have each student complete the survey and get their certificate. Use this simple tool to distinguish yourself and your partner as industry experts!

If you have any questions, please contact


Not an active CCSI? 

Learn the steps to becoming one   
We are currently adding only active CCSIs to the community and there are a few reasons why that may not be applicable to you.
We have a Cisco Learning Network (CLN) publicly accessible page CCSI Program Membership / Instructor Kit Information which covers all of these steps including a video tutorial.

If the Learning Partner Management System checks your CCSI ID status and it is one of the following:

  • NEW
    This the CCSI candidate is enrolled for an ICP event but has not yet attended and passed. Instructor can only order the ICP preparation membership (ICND1 & 2 IKs for 4 month access). Instructor is not authorized to teach any course.
  • Not Click-to-Accept (NCTA)
    This means your CCSI membership was purchased, but you did not click to accept (CTA) the CCSI agreement within the required 14-days after membership purchased. Until you do that, you won’t be authorized to teach.
  • Terminated / Inactive / Expired Click-to-Accept (XCTA)
    This means you need to renew your CCSI membership.
    This means you passed the ICP but still need to purchase the CCSI Membership and click the CCSI agreement when purchasing.
  • Not Sponsored by a Learning Partner
    Being sponsored is step one to becoming an active CCSI. Once sponsored  your CLP should guide you through all of the steps to become an active CCSI associated to their company.

The rest is as follows:

Q: How do I become a Certified Cisco Systems Instructor (CCSI)?
To become a Certified Cisco Systems Instructor (CCSI), you must first be sponsored or employed by an authorized Cisco Learning Partner. Once you become sponsored by a Learning Partner, they will guide you through the instructor certification process, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  •  Select a Baseline technology (i.e. Routing & Switching).
  • Take the course(s) (i.e. ICND1 and ICND2).
  • Pass the exam(s) (i.e. CCNA 640-802) at the instructor "cut score".
  • Your sponsoring learning partner enrolls you in a 2-day Instructor Certification
  • Program (ICP) event & (Presentation skills and Technical/Lab skills).
  • Following the ICP event the ICP Proctor sends all candidate results to the Cisco
  • Instructor Certification and Development Team for validation.
  • Upon validation, Cisco will send a Welcome CCSI email to the candidate and their associated Learning Partner containing their official CCSI number.

Must purchase the CCSI Membership and accept the CCSI Agreement. Contact for more information.