The Value of a Cisco Certified Employee

In 2013, Cisco completed a study targeted at understanding the value of Cisco certification for employers of Cisco certified professionals. Employers believe that Cisco certified professionals are an average of 37 percent faster at completing network-related projects. Find out more



Collaboration with Cisco Advanced Services

Fast Lane Partners can now resell Advanced Services curriculum. ASE training courses focus on the deployment and integration of Cisco advanced technologies. Classroom sessions, led by Cisco ASE team members, include intensive, hands-on lab work on network connectivity, device configuration, and troubleshooting. Click here http://www.flane-distribution.com/partners/advanced_services_education.html to find out more about this unique opportunity.

If you let us know which technology is required in your region, we will be holding specific briefings for Partner Sales Teams. Contact partners@flane.com!



The Essentials of Cisco Data Center Certifications Webinar
In this webinar, Cisco data center experts review the whole portfolio of data center certifications, helping to understand which one might be right for you, and tell you what you need to know to get started.
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For the second time in a row Fast Lane wins a Cisco Award for its Partner Development in the EMEA region. Read more


November 2012

Cisco, Fast Lane and its 2-tier Partners align in a series of meetings to discuss current economic challenges, collaboration opportunities and development possibilities in various countries. Read more


August 2012

Fast Lane develops Cisco & VMware Datacenter Course. Read more


June 2012

Fast Lane receives Cisco Collaboration Award for Partner Development in EMEA region. Read more


March 2011

Fast Lane Distribution ties relations with Alef Nula and brings high-end IT Training to the CEE region

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Feb 2011

Fast Lane launches state-of-the art Data Center Lab facilities in Dubai

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